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swimming pool closing
swimming pool openings

Spring Pool Opening & Reassembly - Rates Based on Pool Size & Type of Pool Cover

  • Reassemble Pumps, Filter, and Chlorinator

  • Teflon Sealing of Plugs & Caps

  • Lubrication of Valves

  • Start Up Filter & Add Diatomite (if necessary)

  • Reinstall Backwash Line

  • Reinstall Ladders & Handrails

  • Complete Water Test Analysis & Recommendations

  • Chemical Water Shock & PH Balance (chemicals extra)

  • General Start-Up & System Inspection (if water is at mid skimmer level)

  • Blow Deck Area of Leaves & Twigs 

  • Removal of cover, folding and storage on owner's premises

  • Spa Opening - additional charge 

NOTE:Repairs,initial pool vacuuming, and chemical balancing are not included in the Spring opening; these services will be billed separately at regular maintaince rates. All schedule opening are weather permitting. Water level should be raised to center of the skimmer, water and leaves should be removed from the cover. Electric power and water turned on to the pool equipment. Accessories should be accessible to our service personnel by placing them near the pool or informing us of their location. Extra charges will be incurred if these items are not addressed prior to opening and a second trip is required. Additional charges assessed for extra services. We cannot assume responsibility for tearing of pool cover due to winter damage or normal removal procedures. Additional charge for cover with cabling system.

Heater Services

  • Start Up - Cover Removal, Checking Pilot or Spark Module, and Rodent Deterrents Removal

  • Heater Inspection & Cleaning (all parts are extra, this service is required for trouble free operation during the season)

    • Cleaning Burner Tray & Pilot Assembly

    • Testing Pressure Switch, High Limit Control, Pilot Generator, and Thermostat Operation

    • Checking Draft for Soot

  • Winterization​ - Drain Heater, Install Winter Cover​, and Add Rodent Deterrent

Pool Closing & Winterization - Rates Based on Pool Size & Type of Pool Cover

  • Unfold Cover Secure with Water Bags or Deck Anchors as applicable

  • Remove Ladders, Handrails, Eyeball Returns, Baskets and store equipment on premises

  • Backwash Filter

  • Remove Pump and Accessory Plugs

  • Blow Out Suction & Return Lines with Air

  • Install Winterizing Plugs & Skimmer Ice Protection or Gizzmos

  • Adjust Water Level to Correct Level Based on Cover Type (extra charge if more than 1/4hr pump or fill time required)

  • Add Winter Chemicals (chemicals are extra based on pool size)

  • Spa Closing - additional charge

​​NOTE: Customer assumes responsibility for maintaining the cover, water level, rough coping and water bag maintenance during the winter (Winter Watch program is available). Extra charges for winterization of other accessories such as Polaris, Auto water fill, In-floor cleaners, etc. Winter parts should be easily accessible and in good condition otherwise truck stock will be used at an additional cost. Customer is responsible to make sure that cover is ready and available. 

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